Amy Rumbarger

Associate Creative Director // art


Modelo Social Videos

One of the most interesting aspects of the Modelo brand, for me, is its use in recipes—both for cocktails and food. We were able to bring this aspect of the brand to life on social with fun recipe and food culture videos. We’ve done several videos through our partnership with celebrity chef Rick Bayless, a James Beard Award winner for his fresh take on Mexican cuisine—and both a Chicago hometown favorite and a natural fit for the Modelo brand. We were also able to do this fun series of beer cocktail recipe videos that were a hit with our fans. A sampling of these videos are shown here.



Art Direction

Michelada Video Production Partner

Holiday Video Production Partner
North Pass Media

Cocktail Video Production
Ogilvy Eyepatch

Creative Direction
Sam Spratlin

Michelada Video Copywriter
Pam Fraser

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Tony Walner