Amy Rumbarger

Associate Creative Director // art


SVA Masters Design:

Tessuti De Roma

I recently had the incredible opportunity to spend two weeks in Rome with the School of Visual Arts' Masters Design and Typography workshop. The objective of the class was open-ended: to create a final project that combined the knowledge and inspiration I'd gained during my experience. Because I sew my own clothes, I was immediately inspired by all the patterns I saw around the city and could envision fabric designs and garments from them. Thus, my project was born: a series of textile designs inspired by Rome and our typography lessons.

I designed eight patterns based on signage, floors, wrought iron, building colors, and more, and created a "lookbook" to showcase them in various applications: women's garments, accessories, menswear, even upholstery. This workshop was a truly life-changing experience, and I had a blast creating this project.