Amy Rumbarger

Associate Creative Director // art


Glade Museum of Feelings

Glade’s Museum of Feelings installation was a pop-up “museum” in NYC which turned emotions into art. It was a massive success, with people waiting hours in line to experience it. We also created a digital component to enhance the in-person experience, and a web experience to bring the idea to the masses. Museum visitors were let out into a room with kiosks and data visualizations. At the kiosks, users took a selfie and scanned their palm for biometric data. The kiosk then printed a scented image—a “MoodLens”—that visualized how they were feeling.


Online, users could do a modified version of the same process to create a digital MoodLens that updated in real time to show changes in mood based on multiple data inputs and social sentiment. We used the same data on a massive digital billboard in NYC to showcase the city’s mood in real time. We even partnered with Twitter to allow people to use an automatically-updating MoodLens as their profile pic—the first such use of its API. The Museum of Feelings program was a game-changer for the brand and won 4 Cannes Lions awards, among other honors.



Digital & Social Art Direction

Radical Media


Bronze Creative Data Cannes Lion
Communication Arts Interactive Annual
One Show Interactive Innovation Merit Award
Silver Omni Channel Cannes Lion
Webby Awards Honoree